Can I Become a Morning Gym Person?

Tuesday 24th September My alarm goes off at 6am; it’s the same time that I normally get up but this morning I’m not launching into my timed-to-perfection morning routine. Instead I sleepily pull my on my yoga pants whilst trying to brush my teeth and tame my hair. I am heading to the gym before work for the first time in my life.

The weather this morning reflects my mood. It’s dark and absolutely pouring down with visibility on the roads almost down to zero. Yet again I question why I’m doing this. Why am I sat here in my car in the dark, in the freezing rain, going to a gym class I’m not entirely sure I want to do anymore?

I arrive at Blok Manchester with 2 minutes to spare, the rain making my journey longer than I had anticipated. The building is stunning and I love the cool industrial vibe it has going on. With some of my anxiety is assuaged, I head into the changing rooms to drop off my bags before ducking into the already full class to take my place. I’m doing Barre, a class and technique I know well from my membership at Barrecore Alderley Edge. I chose this as my first morning class because I thought the fact that I know it would help me get through it. I was wrong.

The class begins and I realise that I have left my water in the car. Shit. I’m tired, soggy and now I’ve got a 60 minute class to get through with no way to rehydrate. It all becomes too much after 20 minutes and I excuse myself to grab some water from the tap.

Overall my workout is good and the hour passes quickly. The class is not quite as fast paced as I’m used to but unlike Barrecore, most of the people in the class are new to the practice. My arms, glutes, legs and abs all get a work out but my effort is visibly less than it normally is, my brain still not fully awake and my body not willing to cooperate. I’m sweating but I’m having to stop every few minutes to catch my breath and release the burn. Honestly I am tired and finding it hard to focus and function.

After the class I rush to grab a shower and get ready for work. I am hot and shaky from lack of water and food which is making everything seem more difficult than it normally is. After my shower I’m hot and damp and desperately missing my normal routine (read: my dressing gown). I struggle to pull on my clothes, my mood worsening as I hop around yanking my unrelenting skinny jeans up my legs. Finally I manage to get dressed and head into work but I’m not experiencing the endorphins or rush of energy I was promised. Instead I’m tired, sore and, according to the comments of several people, quite stroppy.

Am I a morning gym person yet?

The verdict: fuck no


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