Making Beautiful Candles with Cedar Manchester

This weekend I decided to embrace my creative side and I headed over to Form Lifestyle Store for a candle making workshop with Cedar Manchester. I've been a big fan of their candles for a while (particularly Hay and Honey) so I was really excited to make a couple of candles of my own!

It was also so lovely to get to know Lizzy who makes every candle by hand in her studio. Cedar Manchester was started by Lizzy two years ago when she was looking for a hobby outside of her teaching career to help reduce her stress! A few candle making classes later, and her company was born.

Each candle is hand blended with either fragrance or essential oils (yes there is a difference) and soy wax for a beautiful, natural and sustainable candle that lasts up to 30% longer than parafin based alternatives.

Candle making oils

To start the class we got to smell and choose different scents from Lizzie’s collection to make our own replica of a Cedar Manchester candle. I thought about making a Hay and Honey candle but considering I have two at home already, I decided to make a Christmas candle and chose the Orange, Clove and Cinnamon fragrance oil.

Each bottle had a number on the back that we used to work out the exact amount of oil to add to the candle. I needed my candle to have 7% of oil to 165g of soy wax – so 11.55g. We used jewellers scales to measure this out exactly, although my hand might have slipped a tiny bit and I ended up with about 13g. I blame the Prosecco!

Once the oil has been measured out it can be added to the warm wax (around 62 degrees) and stirred slowly for 2 minutes. If the wax is too cool the oil won’t mix properly, and if it’s too hot the fragrance will burn off before you’ve even had the chance to use your candle! Then you pour your wax and oil into the candle jar, which obviously you have already ‘pre-wicked’ and voila! Your own candle. Well, not quite. It takes a week for the candle to cure properly so don’t be getting all excited and lighting it straight away.

For my second candle, I created my very own blend of essential oils to make a scent that I called ‘A Breath of Fresh Air’. I wanted to create something fresh and energising like when you open your front door on a cold winter morning and get a blast of cool air. I used 3g of cedar, 2g of fir, 1g of bergamot and 1g of rosemary to create a scent and a candle that I’m super proud of, and might even attempt to make again in the future. Eau de Sally if you will…

Overall the class was amazing. I learned so much about candle making, and was genuinely surprised about how delicate and intricate an art form it is. We were all sent home with worksheets about how to recreate and look after our new candles along with some wax melts that we made with left over wax from the class.

Lizzy is really fantastic and her passion for her business shines through in her classes and in her candles. I’m really excited to try some of the new scents she has coming out in the next few months and I will definitely be booking onto another class in the future!

If you’re interested in joining one of Lizzy’s upcoming classes you can find more information here.


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