The Ultimate 10 Step Self Care Checklist

A self care checklist is so important at this time of year, especially as the months leading up to Christmas are usually the busiest. We're getting ready for Christmas and trying to finish all of those promises we made to ourselves at the beginning of the year, but this can easily lead to burnout. Luckily for you I've created a 10 step checklist for you to complete over the next few weeks to help you take some time for you at the craziest time of the year.

1) Unfollow toxic social media accounts

We all have accounts on our social media that we love to hate. The influencers who seem to have perfect lives, the long forgotten friend who has a high flying career and takes expensive holidays. Only follow accounts that give you joy, not jealousy! You don’t need the rest.

2) Try a new hobby

A couple of weeks ago I went to a candle making class in Manchester. A few weeks before that it was a jewellery making class, and before that a photography course. You’re never to old to learn something new so get out there and start experimenting. You never know what is just round the corner.

3) Start that forgotten book

My Kindle app is full of books that I’ve purchased and forgotten about. Recently I’ve been converting them into Audible books so I can listen to them in the car, which has reignited my love for reading. However you’re doing it, spark your imagination by spending an hour immersed in a good book.

4) Have an #extraaf bath

Last week I was really stressed and not sleeping well so I went to Lush and bought myself a bubble bar, a bath bomb, a face mask, a hair mask and some body lotion. Then I went home and used it all in a hot bath with a glass of wine and Netflix on my iPad. Because why the fuck not?!

5) Call an old friend

I have this one friend that I only speak to every few months. We’re both so busy with our own lives that we rarely have time for each other. When we do speak it’s usually a two hour odyssey conversation where we catch up about anything and everything, and I always hang up with a smile on my face.

6) Try a new exercise class

This one is a bit similar to #2 but whenever I’m feeling a bit stuck in a rut or bored with my routine, I like to challenge myself at the gym and see what’s new. I did this recently with a power yoga class that I thought I would hate, and now I’m there every Monday morning at 7am!

7) Take a walk, without your phone

This was a hard one for me, but now I try to do it every time I walk my dogs. By leaving your phone behind you can actually connect with what you’re experiencing. Smell the air, listen to the sounds and live in the moment. It can just be to the corner shop and back but the disconnection will feel amazing.

8) Get a blow dry

Nothing makes me feel better than freshly washed and blow dried hair, especially if I haven’t done it myself. Sometimes I like to treat myself to a blow dry during my lunch break at work, just to chill me out and break up my day a bit. Even if I’ve got nowhere to go, I always feel fabulous afterwards.

9) Create a playlist

Create a playlist of music that reminds you of a time you loved. Whenever I’m feeling low I put on my Australia playlist that is a collection of songs that I listened to when I was travelling in Australia last year. It instantly lifts my mood as I’m transported back to one of the greatest times of my life.

10) Have an early night

This is the easiest one on my list; change your sheets, put on clean PJs, light a relaxing candle and get your butt into bed. Sometimes when you’re feeling bad, what you really need is a good night’s sleep with no distractions. It always works for me!


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