A High Octane Les Mills ‘The Trip’ Spin Class

Last weekend, Everybody at Alderley Park hosted an open day to showcase all of the Les Mills classes they offer at their super sleek Cheshire gym. I'm already a member of the gym but I've never attended The Trip before and I was excited to give it a go and try something completely new!

Spin classes are great for offering the benefits of cycling without having to be outside dodging cars, pedestrians and multiple weather conditions, but The Trip takes it one step further by completely immersing you in a virtual world for the duration of your 45 minute class.

The riders sit in front of a huge curved 4K screen that envelops you in visuals that create the illusion of motion. The instructor this weekend was showcasing The Trip 19, which is a sci-fi offering that moves you through three worlds; water, colour and crystal, during the duration of your class ride. I am immediately drawn in to the worlds created by The Trip’s stunning graphics and the overwhelming enthusiasm of the class leader.

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Each ride is complimented with its own soundtrack tying the visuals of each world to the beat of the music. The work out is intense with super fast sprints and steep hill climbs all varying in length and intensity. Luckily the bikes used for The Trip feature a lever system as well as the usual resistance dial, that makes it much easier to switch between low, moderate and high resistances.

The imagery used in The Trip studio is certainly impressive and allows you to immerse yourself fully in the world laid out for you. Unlike normal spin classes, the instructor faces the screen with you during the class and shouts instructions into their inbuilt microphone. Even if you don’t hear the instructions, The Trip screen will show you exactly what to do and weaves itself into your psychology so that you push yourself harder without even realising it. By the end of my class I couldn’t believe how quickly 45 minutes had flown by and as I stepped off the bike I was filled with an immense satisfaction by how far we’d come and how much I’d worked.


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