How to Get Shit Done When You’re Working from Home

Working from home is not as easy as it sounds. While some people believe that being able to telecommute is a dream-come-true, it is not as ideal a situation as some make it out to be. When you have to work from home, there are a lot of things you need to consider. For starters, you need to have the discipline to be able to get things done without anyone looking over your shoulder. You also need to be able to separate your work from other things around you. In short, working from home can be difficult and very trying if you don’t have the discipline and a proper plan for it.

Don’t set up your workspace in your bedroom

As much as possible, separate your workspace from your sleep space. If you have ample room in your living room or dining area, set up your workspace there. Don’t place your working area in your bedroom since this will tempt you to hit the sack more often than not.

Ensure that your workspace is legit

When your workspace is too makeshift, you tend to downplay the importance of your job not only to yourself but to others. Create a workspace in your home that shows everyone, including yourself, that what you do is legitimate work and needs to be taken seriously. This means your workspace needs to mimic what you used to have in your office. It also needs to be professional enough for you to be able to take video calls, conference calls, and the like at the drop of a hat.

Keep yourself on a work schedule

A lot of work-from-home jobs allow people to tackle tasks on their own time. This is to give them the freedom to take care of family, home, and work on a schedule that is ideal for them. One thing some people forget to do is to keep themselves on a strict work schedule to ensure that nothing gets swept under the rug. If you work from home, create a time for your other tasks and don’t mix them up all together. Set a time for when you start work, a time for when you do your house chores, and a time for when you finish work and take care of yourself. Not keeping set times for work and other stuff will muddle the lines between everything you need to do and burn you out fast.

Dress up when it’s time to tackle your job

One of the main perks of working from home is that there is no need to dress up in corporate attire or work clothes when you do your job. While this can work for some, this is somewhat detrimental to others. To ensure that you take what you do seriously and do a good job, it’s best if you do prepare as if you are going to the office even though you are only working from home. Don’t work in your pyjamas since this won’t give you the delineation you need between housework and your job. Get dressed so you know that you are still going to work even though it’s just in the next room.

Create to-do lists daily, weekly, and monthly

Outlining your workload every day will help you get a good grip on what you have to do every single day. If you don’t have a daily to-do list, you are likely to miss one or more tasks that are due on that day. It’s also a great idea to have a list of things that you need to accomplish every week and for the month. This way, you can easily set reachable daily goals and distribute the work evenly.

Go out if you need to

Working from home can become boring after a while and you end up losing your motivation to do well at work when this happens. If you notice yourself slacking off more often than you would like, take your work out to a café or some other place where human interaction is available. Co-working spaces, coffee shops, and other places where other people can be found will help rejuvenate you. You can also schedule one to two days of work at the office every week or month if monotony and lack of human interaction affect your productivity.


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